CHARLES DARWIN IS really up against it. On a research expedition to the Galapagos islands, he’s gotta dig up as many skulls, as fast as humanly possible, and logically sequence them in order of their hypothesized evolution. But at every turn is THE ORTHODOXY, hell-bent on not allowing the human understanding of it’s own origin to pivot.

Believe it or not “For the darWIN” counted as a hilarious joke in 2012. I made with @travischen for a Ludum Dare game jam. You played as Charles Darwin runnin’ amok in the Galapagos islands, diggin’ up skulls whilst being admonished by a grumpy Catholic priest. You can actually still play it on their site.


A hobo stranded in a maze of darkened cobblestone streets, running from dogs made from darkness itself, and also, his own memories. Which are also made of darkness itself, sorta. Sporadic streetlights, and bottles of moonshine keep the dogs away, but not the memories.  

Moonshine was another Ludum Dare game, and is also still playable on Ludum Dare’s site.


Orb Lords: The Lords of The Orbs.

It’s just pinball, color-coded pinball. The left bumper  turns the ball orange and activates all orange colored mechanics on the play field. The right bumper makes them blue. It’s sorta fun I guess, a richer world is just waiting to be built here, but in a game jam you get what you can in 48 hours then ship it. 


Growing up in cold war USSR is tough. But there’s a way out!
You were born the son of a retired world-class tennis pro on a farm in rural Russia. You’re overbearing father will stop at nothing to make his son (you) world champion! But this is to your benefit, if you can take the Trans-Siberian Railway across Mother Russia, defeating all it’s tennis champions at every stop, you can qualify for the Olympics in New York, where you can easily defect and live the high-life amongst the capitalist fatcats.

There’s no playable prototype for this one, it was an actual game intended for the actual market (most of these are just game jams), but when the project fell apart one of the engineers locked the codebase up. And nobody has anything to show for it, it could’ve been great.

Growing up in post cold war USA is tough. And there’s no way out!
Play as your favorite rural Indiana high schoolers as they try desperately to eek out a single win their senior year.

This was a cool project. It was commissioned as a piece of marketing for a documentary of the same name. It’s about a small town in Indiana who’s population is shrinking, but is resisting the consolidation of its school district into a larger one. The website for the documentary is here but it appears as the game was developed in Flash, that it’s become unplayable. Such is life.


Ok bear with me Budlr was like Bomber Man, if you controlled Bombermam by texting single-letter commands to a phone number, who then received the commands and implemented them in as close to real-time as possible, from 4 players concurrently.

For example you’d text “UULBLLLU” to move 2 spaces up, one space left, drop a bomb, move 3 spaces left and one space up. The commands were: B=bomb, U=up, D=down, L=left, and R=right…BUDLR. 

@travischen and I showed this at Indiecade… 2015 I think. It was highly technical to keep working and there is obviously no viable way to play it in 2019. It had huge implications for public spaces tho, it was a blast to project on a huge wall for any 4 people with cellphones to go head to head.

You’re any variety of floppy geometric shapes, can you get all the wintergreen Lifesavers? I highly doubt it.

Another game jam game for Ludum Dare. Explains itself really.