On a cloudy day in 1983, Nolan was born in Bogue, Kansas. He grew up a happy child in a green house with a crooked horizon.

As a child, he bore witness to such cultural phenomena as The Achy Breaky Heart, MC Skat Kat, and something called Stone Protectors. And even though he was steeped in as much culture as a ghost town could provide, he wanted more. He would go on to attend the prestigious Kansas State University, home to such illustrious alumni as Earl Woods, Erin Brockovich, and Michael Beasley.

Michael Beasly

Whilst there, he passed through a dozen majors: painting, sculpture, drawing — the works — finally settling for a degree in illustration. It is worth noting that in the years 2002-2009, Kansas State University did not have an animation program. It also did not have a game development program in any way, shape, or form. It is then a wonder that Nolan finds himself working in these fields at all.

Like most sons of toil grasping blindly for a career in the arts, he moved to California after college. First to the Bay Area for a quick lesson in cost of living (also not taught at Kansas State University), then later to Los Angeles. In LA, he quickly established himself as someone worthy of an IMDB page.

An IMDB page

Working for such titans as Nerdist, Starburns Industries, and Dan Harmon himself, Nolan has been at ground zero for some of the biggest #metoo-ings in history. He currently lives with 3 adult roommates in the prohibitively cool Highland Park, California.